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Company Profile:

Ballew Wealth Management, a preeminent wealth management firm, opened its doors in 1988 in the Jackson, Mississippi area. They offer investment advisory, fiduciary, brokerage and trading services to a diverse clientele, which includes high net worth individuals, corporate sponsored qualified plans, foundations and trusts.

Business Challenge:

As a small business, Ballew wanted to find ways to manage healthcare costs while combining wellness prevention and supporting employees in adopting healthy lifestyle habits. They wanted a wellness partnership that could provide valid resources to exercise and nutrition information. This brought the Group to partner with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi to become a Healthy Workplace in late 2014.

Ballew Financial Services - Healthy Workplace Ballew Financial Services - Healthy Workplace Ballew Financial Services - Healthy Workplace

The Solution:

Once the Healthy Workplace partnership began, employees were offered a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and health screenings to capture height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and glucose. This allowed group leaders to see the health needs and interests of employees. Health and wellness activities were then designed based on the employees’ needs and interests. Ballew continues to offer worksite wellness opportunities by offering the HRA, onsite health screenings and quarterly wellness focused activities. They found that peer competition, such as healthy cooking challenges, really keeps the employees motivated around wellness topics.


In the past two years since beginning their Healthy Workplace activities, the group has seen an increase in HRA participation, improved biometric data and engagement in worksite activities.

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